Ahead of the Curve: Maximize Your Bond Line of Credit Now

Posted by maloneybonds on February 9, 2011 under Banking, Contractors, EGCA Published Articles, Economy, Legal, Trends | Be the First to Comment

The history of our economy tells us that each and ever industry continually faces its cycles … up and down, with a few in-betweens.  Accept this fact, learn from it, and take appropriate steps now to position your firm to benefit from the coming cycle.

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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Competition

Posted by maloneybonds on July 21, 2009 under Economy, Insurance, Trends | Be the First to Comment

Since 1990 ten of the top twenty bonding companies have either exited the surety business or have been absorbed via mergers and acquisitions. Rumor on the street is that another major bonding / insurance company is on the ropes and without significant capital infusion, they too will disappear. The reinsurance market for surety has also followed suit with the primary carriers. Fewer choices and less competition is not good for the industry. Now more than ever is the time for contractors to have a professional bonding agent to ensure for a smooth flow of surety credit. May we assist your business in this regard?